RED "THE GREATEST SHOW" Concert Information 2018

Concert Day Information

RED THE GREATEST SHOW CONCERT Sunday 16th December 4pm


STUDENTS ARRIVE: 9:00am for closed on stage-rehearsal. Registration closes at 9.15am

*opening students may be required to arrive earlier TBC

Students must arrive with all their costumes & shoes and hair & makeup done. All food, snacks and drinks for the day must be brought with you. No parent/guardian will have access to drop off items, including food or drinks once a student has registered and entered Stage Door. No students will be allowed to exit the venue to go to shops.

REHEARSAL: 9.30am - 2.30pm approx

This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Rehearsal is a closed rehearsal and will not be able to be viewed by anyone other than DC staff and students. Students must rehearse within DC UNIFORM guidelines. There will be an allocated lunch break.

PHOTOGRAPHER: 3pm - 3.45pm

Photograph will be available backstage for portraits during students afternoon break. Photographs will also be taken during the students performances on stage - these will be available to purchase at the start of 2019.


RELEASE: 7.30pm approx.

Students will stay backstage for the entire concert. Students will be released AFTER THE FINALE of the concert. More instructions will be given on the day – please be patient with us at this time

DVD: Due no later than 15th December

DVD order forms are available from the studio reception up until 15th Dember. DVDs will not be available to purchase ON concert day. ABSOLUTELY NO personal video or photography will be allowed during the concert. Ushers have the authority to confiscate recording devices during the show.


Ticket Information

RED THE GREATEST SHOW CONCERT – Sunday 16th December 4pm


Available Tuesday 13th November 12pm or call 13 28 49

Adult: $40-45

Concession: $27-31

Children under 3yrs - free on lap

Booking Fees Per Ticket Applies Credit Card fees will apply

IMPORTANT - the first 2 hours of ticket release can congest the ticket sales and ticketek website. Sometimes a message of SOLD OUT will appear on the ticket page. This DOES NOT mean tickets are sold out – but rather a lot of tickets are in the carts online and need to be checked out before the release of more. As frustrating as this may be, please understand this is part of the ticketek process and setup and is out of our control. Rest assured more tickets will be released in due time and you may have to wait before being able to purchase tickets.

Limited tickets per transactions may apply after the opening of GALLERIES 1 + 2. You will be updated on this when and if this occurs.

We have found that the ticketek website does not work as well on mobile phone devices and it is recommended you use a computer to purchase tickets.

For any further clarification please contact us:

DC Drummoyne - 02 9181 2098

DC Mobile - 0438 550 856

DC Email -

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