Did someone say 2018?

That's right guys - our first release of 2018 Timetable is HERE!

We know there are a few more DC concerts and a long Summer holiday before it comes - but for those who want to get super organised. HERE YOU GO!

DC Croydon + Academy Timetable 2018

DC Drummoyne Timetable 2018

DC Burwood Timetable 2018

New to DC?

We are proud of all the classes we are able to offer our students - however we are aware the timetable is jam packed and a bit confusing to read! Please send us an email with your specific enquiry or Register Your Interest and we'll contact you to book in a trial.

Continuing with us in 2018?

Please email us with student name, location and desired class and we will check that the class is available and email you back with confirmed enrolment.

Where did my class go?

You may have noticed our classes have changed around a bit! Apart from lot of ADDED classes, some classes have also been moved. To name a few:

- all Acrobatics classes will be held at BURWOOD studio

- Monday/Thursday Croydon Senior Syllabus classes will be held at BURWOOD studio Mondays

For any other missing classes - give us a call or email and we can find them for you!

NO enrolments are carried over into the New Year and ALL students are required to re-enrol.

ALL enrolments will require a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for your place to be reserved - this does not apply to NEW students with a trial lesson.

DC membership students are required to reserve spots in ALL classes and deposit is compulsory for any Acrobatic classes - if you would like to learn more about DC membership email us

Our teacher timetable will not be confirmed until mid-January.

Enrolments open Monday 13th November 9am via email or phone

Term 1 2018 begins Monday 29th January 2018

Full term payments are due Week 4 of Term 1 – Monday 19th February 2018

If you would like to discuss the option of Annual Payment which attracts a 20% discount – please contact reception and a quote with Terms and Conditions will be provided. (Acrobatics is NOT included in any Annual Payments)

Please keep in mind that with multiple concerts approaching emailing is the best and most effective form of communication for us – info@dorothycowie.com.au

We would encourage all families - new and existing to visit our Policies and Guidelines - https://www.dorothycowie.com.au/policies--guidelines. This can change from year to year.

We are looking forward to starting a new year with you and your family in 2018!

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