Term 4 Declaration l Dorothy Cowie

You must fill out the below form for EACH STUDENT before enrolment in Term 4 can be confirmed.
Term 4 face to face will start as of Monday 18th October and end Saturday 19th December.

Based on recent NSW Health roadmap:
Adults and Seniors 
can have access to classes from Monday 11th October
Preschool to Pre senior Students can have access to classes from Monday 18th October

Any student 16yrs+ must be fully vaccinated to attend face to face before December 1st

Any student 16yrs and younger must be either fully vaccinated, come from a fully vaccinated household OR have a fully vaccinated nominated adult for drop off and pick up.  It is not compulsory for students aged 12-15yrs to be vaccinated themselves.  

All students/vaccinated adult will need to sign into the studio via  QR system upon entry to validate vaccination status prior to December 1.  After December 1, standard QR sign in will be required. It is also very likely that all students 12yrs and over wear masks during their class.  Masks may be able to removed for strenuous exercise only.

Based on the above please indicate below when you will be resuming face to face classes and upload appropriate evidence.  If you do not have evidence available, please submit form and you will be required to refill this form out when evidence is available so student can return to face to face.

*please note to be involved in any concert performance students must be enrolled in the full term 4 regardless of zoom/face to face start
Upload COVID Vaccination Certificate/s

We appreciate your support and understanding during this time! We will be confirming with you start date and enrolment shortly.