Junior In-house Performance 2020

Each day will run from 9 – 4.30pm. Each session time will be approx 30 – 45mins.  Time will be confirmed by Monday 2nd November.


Sunday 15th November – Drummoyne/Burwood In-House Performance

*below session times are not necessarily in order and times are TBC

  • Saturday Drummoyne Students    *not including Performance

  • Tuesday Drummoyne Students

  • Wednesday + Thursday Drummoyne Students

  • Thursday + Saturday Burwood and Saturday DCA Hip Hop Students

  • Drummoyne + Burwood Mini Performance Students

Sunday 22nd November – Croydon In-House Performance

*below session times are not necessarily in order and times are TBC

  • Monday Croydon Bronze + Junior Students

  • Monday Croydon Test + Mini Students

  • Tuesday Croydon Test Students

  • Saturday Croydon (not DCA) Test 1 + 2 Students

       Saturday Croydon Mini Hip Hop, Test 3 Tap and Test Contemporary

       *no extra session cost will apply to Test 3 in double Saturday sessions

  • Saturday DCA Test 1,2 + 3 Students

       Saturday Croydon Test 3 Ballet + Jazz Students

       *no extra session cost will apply to Test 3 in double Saturday sessions

  • Tuesday Croydon Bronze Students

       Saturday Croydon Silver Ballet Tap + Jazz Students

  • Saturday Croydon Bronze + Junior Hip Hop Students

       Saturday Croydon Silver Contemporary + Hip Hop Students

Where:                                DC Croydon – 2a Fitzroy St Croydon


Student Cost:                   $35.00 for the first session enrolled          

                                          $25.00 per session for any additional sessions


Payment Due:                   Saturday 17th October 2020  this date will be strictly enforced


It is not compulsory to participate in the performance.  Students who are not participating are still welcome to continue with their classes.  If you wish to change class/es after 17th October this could affect your child’s participation in the Performance.

The Performance this year will be run very differently to previous years and we wanted to give you as much information as possible about the breakdown of the day and our COVID policies.

Cost Breakdown:               

  • downloadable video link of performance (password protected for families only)

  • trophy (one per student not per session)

  • 1 ticket to watch live inside the studio (maximum of 60 audience members observing social distancing).  Audience members must provide full name, address and contact number for studio records.  

*seating will be ALLOCATED and to make it fair names will be drawn from a hat and assigned a number for corresponding seat/s.You will receive your number at registration on the day of the show.

  • DC staff member to look after students during the in-house performance

Students Will Need:

  • There is no costume however students need to wear the compulsory DC examination uniform – see https://5e1c8120-1617-4689-88fb-b93847dcb5ff.filesusr.com/ugd/a0e334_89811da4fa5e40b1b6c8c07af6b7c78b.pdf

  • Hip Hop- Black DC T-shirt and black shorts or leggings, black or white runners

  • Lyrical/Contemporary– See jazz uniform – no shoes, foot thongs or contemporary shoes

  • Song + Dance - See jazz uniform

  • Girls hair must be in bun with gel, hairspray, pins (boys hair to be neatly styled)

  • Makeup is at your own discretion but not necessary

Sign In/Out Procedure:

  • Students will be signed in by ONE parent/guardian at DC front door.  Students will be escorted upstairs to the holding space and supervised by DC staff.  We have toilet and bathroom facilities.  Parents/guardians are not allowed upstairs or inside front foyer at any time.

  • Students will be signed out to ONE parent/guardian from the stage area at the end of their performance session.  Parents/guardians will then exit with students.

  • All entry and exit points will be clearly marked and enforced for safety and health of both patrons and staff.  Please bear with us during this time as it can be a lengthy process.

CovidSafe Practices:

The Performance will be held at the Croydon studios.  To comply with COVID regulations we will hold multiple Performances on the day with a smaller group of students. 

  • Currently COVID Regulations limit the capacity of the performance space to 65 people – only ONE person per performing student will be allowed to watch

  • Chairs, communal spaces and common areas will be wiped down and cleaned in between each performance session

  • We will consider making mask and other protective clothing compulsory for audience members closer to the performance date depending on health advice and other regulations – please consider this in your decision

  • Any additional or extra recommendations by the health department will be considered and communicated with you


Covid Cancellation Policy:

Our decision to hold the Junior Performance at the Croydon Studio is based on the current regulations in place.

  • We will only be cancelling this event if there is a change in regulations and our performance structure does not comply.  In this case, credit notes of $20 per session will be issued and valid for 12 months and students will still receive their participation trophy

  • Any personal choices not to attend will be considered as change of mind and credit notes will not be considered

  • For exceptional circumstances, as always, we will evaluate case by case

Filming Terms and Conditions:

The JUNIOR IN-HOUSE PERFORMANCE will be recorded.  Personal photography & video recording is NOT allowed.  Please be aware that your child’s participation in this Performance is with the understanding they will be videoed for promotional & commercial use.

Registration Form - Junior 2020

To register, please fill in below and you will be emailed an invoice.  Invoices are due no later than Saturday 17th October 2020.

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